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Honoring April as Occupational Therapy Month

April is Occupational Therapy  month, so this month we have pulled together a list of little known facts about OT. Occupational Therapists are an integral part of the Cole Health Mission and are active in all three of our divisions. We want to offer a big thank you to


Top 10 Reasons to Refer Your Patient to Cole Health

Top 10 Reasons to Refer Your Patient to Cole Pediatric Therapy
1.       Clinician Owned and Operated
2.       9 Locations throughout Houston, Austin and San Marcos
3.       All Major Insurances accepted, including Medicaid
4.       Extended Clinic Hours
5.       Every Patient is a VIP
6.       Bi-Lingual Therapists and Interpreters
7.       Results

Avoiding “Holiday Heart Syndrome”

The holiday season is the perfect time of the year to enjoy friends, family, festivities, and fun. During this time it is especially important that you are aware of ways to take care of your “heart”. Coined “Holiday Heart Syndrome”, this time of year also may lend itself to


Hand Therapy: Treating Arthritis

Arthritis affects about 27 million Americans over the age of 25.  The most common types of arthritis are rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and osteoarthritis (OA).  Osteoarthritis begins with the breakdown of joint cartilage, resulting in pain and stiffness, and inflammation.  RA has an inflammatory process and OA is wear and tear