Cole Health Has Gone FISHing

Cole Health Has Gone FISHing

by admin

Cole Health has implemented the FISH philosophy in our workplace. For those unfamiliar with the philosophy, it was inspired by the employees of the Seattle Fish Market. In summary, if the employees are happy, they will do a better job and make the customers (or in our case patients) happier in return.

The “Make Their Day” Team has posted photos of the staff who will soon be attending the China mission trip in the hallway with space to write notes of encouragement underneath. Just a little note of encouragement can go miles when planning an exciting new journey.

A new event “Choose Your AtTEAtude” was organized to treat our employees with hot tea, scones, muffins, and quote cards, while encouraging staff to be a little more cheerful that day. This was a tradition brought to us from Clarita. Clarita is a member of our staff that just returned from a mission trip in Ireland. This may become a regular Irish tradition in Texas.

The FISH – Be Present group graciously provided a coffee bar and donuts to help employees stay awake and focused so they can “be present” for their clients on a sluggish Wednesday morning.

Another group encouraged patients to dress in wigs or don crazy hairdos for the Gettin’ Wiggy with It contest. Winners were awarded prizes for the wackiest hair dos.

Cole Health wants to extend a big thank you to all of the staff who organized the events for their hard work and for the people that have put on these events. Even a small token of gratitude like a message of encouragement can make someone’s day.

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