Cole Foundation – China Mission Trip

Cole Foundation – China Mission Trip

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On October 14 through October 24, the Cole Foundation will be sending our first mission team to to Heng Yang, China.  We will be teaming with International China Concern to work in an orphanage in Heng Yang.

The Cole Foundation team consists of:

Amanda Drefus – Occupational Therapist – Humble

Jessica Smart – Occupational Therapist – San Marcos

Stephannie Brajot – Speech Language Pathologist – Pinemont location, Houston

The ability to work within China, and especially within an orphanage is very limited and challenging.   The orphanage already has some limited in-house therapy. Our team will be helping with evaluations of the children and determining future plans for Cole Foundation involvement at the orphanage. We are so exicted to be able to join International China Concern in their efforts to impact the lives of these children.

Last Friday, August 24, Cole Foundation sponsored a Barbeque fundraiser for the China Mission Trip and raised over $4,000. The turnout was amazing and we would like to send a big shout out thank you to all who attended/donated.

The Cole Foundation is selling T-shirts to raise additional funds for the trip. You can purchase a T-shirt at any of the Cole Health locations or by emailing or

The Cole Foundation and the mission team are asking for your prayers and support to help make this a very successful trip.

Stay tuned and we will be keeping you updated on the progress during the trip.

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  1. Team Cole, we hope all of you are well in China. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! I am sure the challenges you are facing seem incomprehensible. However, you are living out our vision of bringing hope and changing lives. Your hard work, determination and love for those kiddos will have a impact beyond anything we can imagine. Thank you for your commitment to our company and making the world a better place where children and families can have hope!



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