China Mission Trip: Tuesday 10/16/2012

China Mission Trip: Tuesday 10/16/2012

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International China Concern opened its doors to China’s abandoned children in 2004. Before ICC, the mortality rate of abandoned children in the government welfare center was 85%. Today, with ICC’s involvement, the mortality rate is approximately 15%. ICC has three locations in China, but we are serving the kids in HengYang.

This orphanage serves approximately 135 children including infants, children, and young adults. The staff includes 105 locals, 11 foreigners, 7 teachers, and 7 therapists. One of the organizations greatest strengths is that they make a genuine effort to employ mostly local people and include them in the orphanage’s development.

Alison, a physical therapist from the UK, and Ana, an occupational therapist from Canada, train the locals to become caregivers and teachers to the children. Everyone’s work is cut out for them as 6-8 children are abandoned every month in the area, at police stations, hospitals, or even roadside. The HengYang center is doing an amazing job at providing these children with education, therapy and vocational related training for the children. ICC recently began managing some group homes.


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