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True or False: Common Misunderstandings about Down Syndrome and Spina Bifida

October is National Down Syndrome Month, which is a good time to highlight that individuals diagnosed with Down Syndrome are more alike than different from their peers.

Myth  #1:  People with Down Syndrome have severe cognitive deficits.

Reality: Learning disabilities can mask the cleverness, creativity and memory of


Back to School Basics: Tips for a successful school year

It’s September and the dog days of summer are coming to a quick close.  We all know what that means:  school has kicked off full steam.  Parents, teachers, and children are starting a new year with freshly sharpened pencils, clean sheets of paper, and expectations that the new school


Keeping Your Kids Stimulated in Houston’s Summer Heat

As the end of the summer nears, many children have had enough of the heat and begin to cry, “boredom!” Here are some ideas for keeping your kids stimulated for the last few weeks of Texas’ hot summer days. Volunteer Opportunities:  As a Christian organization, we at Cole Health believe


Pool Safety: Keeping your kids out of harm’s way

In summer months, Houston residents cool off at pools, beaches, or water parks. Swimming is fun, but water safety should be a top priority.  In my youth, I developed a healthy respect for water while swimming competitively, lifeguarding, teaching swim lessons, and coaching swim teams across