Care 4 Care – Cole Home Health launches a Caregiver Resource Program

Care 4 Care – Cole Home Health launches a Caregiver Resource Program

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Cole Home Health understands that taking care of a loved one can often take a tremendous toll on the lives of the caregiver.  Although challenging at times, it is also very rewarding to be able to care for those who have cared for you.

At Cole Home Health, we are dedicated to changing the lives of our patients and providing their caregivers with the tools and resources needed to best care for their loved ones.  As each patient is admitted to our services, their caregiver is provided with a comprehensive Caregiver Resource Kit that includes but is not limited to the following:

Caregiver Guide

  • A complete listing for all important information on the patient and physician (including medications and specific contact information for multiple physicians)
  • Specifics on who to call in key situations (Detailed Call Cole First Emergency Plan)
  • Extensive listing on the services Home Health provides and how it can help their loved one
  • Glossary of commonly used health-related words along with definitions
  • Additional Care and Community Resource listing (Provider services, Meals, etc.)

Also included is a nightlight, band-aids, water bottle with pocket coolie, pen, note pads and a tape measure

Understanding the services and support available is critical when caring for a loved one.  Connect with Cole Home Health today to begin receiving the much needed services for your family.  Services provided by Cole Home Health include Skilled Nursing, Speech, Physical and Occupational Therapy, Home Health Aide and Medical Social Services.

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